Duct Tape Arts

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Our Story

In the year 2005, before Duck Brand Duct Tape revolutionized the world of fix-it tapes our founder, Kayla, came across a classmate who was selling cheep duct tape wallets. They were made out of standard grey duct tape but to her they were more than cheep, tape bill folds; The duct tape wallet was, to Kayla, an artistic breakthrough in style, creativity and art. She soon bought one and studied the billfold for hours until it was one day that she pulled her wallet out and the art of making the Duct Tape Wallet snapped into place. The method of the duct tape wallet was now hers to use and create. Kayla spent the next few years of her free time experimenting  with the ingenious idea of the duct tape wallet until soon she created a durable wallet that withstood the tests of time and rough abuse. Kayla went the full nine yards to bring to us her style and beautiful artistic designs ranging from small and simple to intricate and elegant. Every day Kayla looks into style and brings forth a new design that we know will one day revolutionize the duct tape community.

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