Duct Tape Arts

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Welcome To My Shop!

The wallets we here at Duct Tape Arts sell are quality wallets. They can take a beating quite nicely and can fit in your pocket better than your current wallet because of our original slim design, but better yet our wallets are made from 100% duct tape. 

Well now you are probably a little sketchy about buying a wallet. Am I right? Well dont be. We have tested our products time and time again and have come to love our signature product for its slim, lightweight, durable design. Its everything you've ever wanted in a wallet for a low price.

Want a wallet that's not generic, That fits your personality? Well now you can also customize any wallet. Just write in the "code" column of the order form the design you want and you can even include how many pockets, what kind of pockets and the pocket placement for your own personal touch, or go to the "Design" section of the photo gallery tab to see popular designs. 

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